Bridge girders on the move

An oversized bridge girder crosses Yankee Hill Road on South 27th early Tuesday. Three more loads are expected to move through Lincoln between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Tuesday.

00:00 – Intro

00:10 – Highway 77

01:00 – West Interchange

01:26 – Flyover Bridge

02:14 – Lincoln South Beltway Mainline

02:20 – 25th Street and Salt Creek

02:30 – Jamaica Trail North

02:38 – BNSF Railroad

02:26 – 27th Street and 38th Street

03:14 – 54th Street

03:23 – 68th Street

04:03 – 82nd Street

04:37 – 98th and Saltillo Road

05:19 – OPPD Railroad

05:29 – 120th Street

05:58 – Nebraska Highway 2

06:28 – Outro

A short parade of three long semi-loads — each one an oversized concrete bridge girder — will make its way through Lincoln early Tuesday afternoon.

So drivers should expect brief delays.

The girders, bound for the South Beltway project south of the city, will travel west from 63rd and Cornhusker at roughly 2 p.m., then head south on 27th Street.

Police escorts will close intersections along the way in advance of the loads, and southbound travelers on 27th should find alternate routes.

The first three girders moved through Lincoln starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday, and more loads are expected: Weather permitting, the scene will repeat itself either Thursday or Friday, and then again on two days next week, though they have yet to be scheduled, said Erika Hill, a spokeswoman for Lincoln Transportation and Utilities.

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