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Two great videos from Dec 2010 Detroit booksigning:

Michigan Radio | Jack Lessenberry's "Essays and Interviews"
October 2010

One of Michigan’s most legendary lawyers has just written his autobiography. Michigan Radio’s Jack Lessenberry says that at age 86, he’s still giving them hell. read more

Leelanau Enterprise, September 2010
…"The book provides an inside look into what was considered at the time a radical left movement in support of civil rights and the advance of unions. Based mostly in Detroit, the account is notable for Dean Robb’s first-hand reflections upon efforts to extend civil rights to Black Americans." read more

A thoroughly amazing book about a thoroughly amazing man I’ve known
for over thirty years.

—Jim Harrison

A powerful insight into the last half century of our tumultuous times. It is also a saga of one young farm boy who navigated and surmounted our ever-shifting societal waters. Dean Robb impels us to search more deeply into our own compass for inspiration and, yes, for courage and compassion.
— Helen Milliken

I find true heroes hidden where true heroes reside—with their work, with the people—engaged endlessly in their need to fight for justice without the clamor and pomp of publicity. I never knew a man who has fought so many battles when the common wisdom was that his wars were heretical. He has been ahead of all of us, fighting for minorities, for the helpless and the lost when it was unpopular and dangerous to do so. Rarely has he been thanked. Often he has been reviled. He has been brave when the rest of us have been silent. Dean Robb is a true hero. Lawyer and layperson alike, we need to absorb it as food for our lives.
—Gerry Spence

Dean Robb is the humanitarian and the trial warrior for the damned, the lost, and the forgotten that I have always aspired to be.
—Geoffrey Fieger

Since we were young Michiganders, we knew that there was one man in our state we could always go to for help to right a wrong. Dean Robb was and is fearless, relentless, compassionate and the Great Defender of the people who otherwise have no voice.
—Michael Moore

Dean is a political touchstone in our community, a forward-thinking, compassionate scholar with an outstanding sense of humor. He is tenacious with impeccable integrity, spirit and patriotism. He is all-Michigan...up north, downstate, and the heart of hardworking folks.
—Kathleen Glynn

Dean Robb has given his life in the fight for equality, environmental quality and civil rights. He is fearless, uncompromising and his court room prowess has marked legal battles from Selma to Traverse City. He is the Clarence Darrow of our time and this chronicle of his life as an attorney is fundamental reading for anyone concerned with the necessity for justice and the rule of law. If you care about human beings and their plight to seek equality in their lives, this book is vital to your understanding of what it means to follow your heart's passions to keep people free.
—Michael Delp


Front and back cover of Dean Robb: An Unlikely Radical