Dean Robb, An Unlikely Radical

Winner of the
2011 National Indie Excellence Award
Historical Biography

from Lost Prairie Press

DEAN ROBB: An Unlikely Radical

by Matthew Z. Robb

… a thoroughly amazing book about a thoroughly amazing man I’ve known for over thirty years.
—Jim Harrison

Dean Robb’s life seemed always to collide with the currents of history. The story of a young farmboy from southern Illinois whose life led him to become a radical lawyer in Detroit takes us from common yet solid beginnings and leads us to the crucible that changed American life—the confrontations and controversies that surrounded civil rights and the Vietnam War in the 1950s and ‘60s.

Caught between two worlds, Dean was raised to a simple life of hard work, faith, family, and community; as he grew he was driven to break boundaries, to shape the world around him by fighting for fairness, equality, and humanity.

Dean’s remarkable life can teach all of us about saying yes to the opportunities that are presented to us. With his openness, determination, and willingness to challenge comfort zones, Dean built a life that speaks to us about a great generation, and will inspire our own visions for generations to come.

Foreword by Richard Goodman

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Hardcover with full-color dust jacket
336 pages with photography
ISBN 978-0-615-40162-1
$24.95 plus shipping and handling